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Funny stuff

the unofficial chorley website

Never heard of Chorley? Or just want to find out about it? Then start here!

Famous people.
more Famous people.
even more Famous people.
yet even more Famous people.
Things to do.
Reviews of Chorley things.
Links to other Chorley associated websites>

Debates, what matters to the mass debaters of Chorley?

The Housing transfer.
Bus Station.
The almost Shopping arcade.
The Market.
Lights in Astley Park.
Market Street.
NWO criteria for Chorley.

My opinions

Dog shit.
Auntie Vadge.
Beautiful people.
Looking for love?
This page isn't funny at all but, has good music on and I tried to make it funny but just got pissed off thinking about it!!!! Drink, drive and DIE!
The problem with social housing (or just neighbours anywhere really).
Child neglect.
Animal abuse.

the unofficial chorley website