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Mass debate the bus station

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Bus stations, do you want to pay for a new pervert free one or keep the old one that reeks of urine?

That's what the people of Chorley had to decide.
The old bus station has long gone, but if you shut your eyes where it used to be, you can still smell a faint musty smell. It was small, but not quite airy enough and had 3 benches, no matter which bench you sat on to have a fag some old woman would always sit next to you and start coughing and spluttering...anyway, it did it's job of bringing people in and out of Chorley.

When the new bus station was proposed, a lot of people moaned about this, eg;

'it will be too far from the shops'-are you sure? coz it's only moving across the carpark, and there are bus stops around the town centre!

'why spend my taxes on a new bus station?'-coz the old one is frequented by perverts and the new ones have security cameras so they can be arrested.

'I don't like change, it's scary'- yeah? well I don't like the smell of urine.

I like the new bus station, it's beautiful.

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