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I'm not feeling social.

The hazards of social housing: let's delve into the psychology of your problem neighbours.

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As the saying goes, it's the people who make the area. So what if the people of an area aren't so great? Yep, some people ruin social housing (or indeed any other area or community of homes) and these people overall give social housing a bad name, the Daily Mail enjoy emphasising on all the scummy people, dehumanising them to some degree so that people will hate them.

My aim here is not to dehumnise people, we all have to tolerate annoying people every day and they have the right to be annoying. This page just makes fun of them and highlights how awful people can be and explains why to a degree.

So let's think about those who annoy us and simmer for a while about that then brush off that resentment so that we can cope with another day of their crappy lives interfering in ours.

The Narcisstic parents should not be tolerated at any costs; child abuse, animal abuse and spousal abuse are not to be tolerated.
But the other parents might appreciate a helping hand before you go reporting them to social services?

Poor management skills, possible low IQ.

Family 27 baby daddies.
Has a load of kids (not sure how many exactly as they are feral and not easy to recognise as children), i'm sure they all have different dads though.
Got her windows smashed on new year, no idea who did it. Could have been one of her kids, or one of her baby daddies or someone else, i don't care.
These kids are often missing for ages before she notices.
One used to frequent my garden to retrieve his footballs until i caught him climbing over my fence and asked him what he was doing. He also nicked my own kids balls when he lost his (presumably lost them in someone elses garden), one of his 'parents' gave our ball back, this ball was chewed to bits by their dog and i felt it was cruel to return a childs ball in that state, so i stopped sending his balls back until i could be bothered to go out into my garden myself and ignored the door when he came round asking for it. This made me less stressed about balls coming in my garden every five minutes because they could not kick it back into my garden straight away if i did not return it straight away.
Sadly common sense doesn't seem to tell these 'parents' that their kids are a pain in the arse and are likely (and did, in my case) damage other peoples property.
Often used to ask several neighbours for food until they started school and got fed there i presume.
Parents often know their kids are shits but choose to ignore it and are embarrassed by it slightly but don't have the parenting skills available to rectify the situation.
Feral family, probably should not be in housing but should be living in a bush somewhere. Kids should be in care if no help is avaliable with parenting skills.
These parents are this way because they were neglected and have not had much socialising or supervision with adults. Sometimes they were spoilt as children and haven't had any limits imposed upon them by their own parents, this is also a type of child neglect.

The almost, but not quite, neglectful.
Often place their children in vulnerable situations, such as the above when they don't know where their kids are or don't bother taking their kids anywhere except for the town centre for some shopping.
Feeds their kids, seldomly supervises them but does try.
These type of parent often seem depressed and lack-lustre and probably shouldn't have had kids, imo.
This kid plays right next to her parents smelly bin, which is also behind my composter (which also stinks and has many flies in and around it), idk why they think it's acceptable to play in rubbish but several families round here think the same. Ew.
Kids are not little shits but are a pain in the arse because they are not interacted with much.
These parents are usually just too wrapped up in their own stuff that they forget to care about what their kids are doing. Some of them feel justified to ignore their kids because they, wrongly, presumed they have given good enough supervision already before releasing them into the world alone. Some of them feel that their own kids annoying behaviour is appropriate because they would put up with this behaviour (on a lesser scale) from other peoples children, presumption is always wrong and these parents should learn how the law applies when it comes to neighbour nuisance.

Narcisstic types.

The pisshead.
Has two recycle bins that often clatter with empty alcohol bottles. Is likely to be taking drugs as well.
Has children and then doesn't bother with them at all, except to feed them chips made in a proper chip pan, i feel they're probably having children for the welfare rather than they want a family but have no proof of this obviously (apart from the fact that they publicly declare they cannot work (both the 'mother' and 'father')) and so it is likely that as kids are also classed as work, because you have to put in a lot of work when you have children- or are supposed to- they cannot look after their kids as well as not hold up a job, either that or they are lying about their ability to work which also means they are having children for the welfare that brings.
Should have children removed from their care and be forcibly sterilised, they often do lose their kids but are not stopped from having any more.
Kids are usually given up to the care of others eventually, so are not a problem in the long term or frequently even if the pisshead parent gets visitation rights.
I'm not sure why these parents exist. No doubt they have several forms of mental illness that they do not recognise in themselves and therefore would not seek treatment for, Narcissism is one such illness that applies to the selfish and emotionally immature who purposely cause others harm.

The pisshead mark ii.
Omg not only is this family neglectful, they are also a pain in the arse.
Always drunk, feel it's their right to interfere in your life and then be an obnoxious prick about it.
Is often stroppy and vicious when left alone but the fake face of kindness and loveliness when others are around.
Is often mentally ill and all people who know them wise up to that eventually and start to avoid them when they realise what they are really like. See also Narcissist (google it).
Kid(s) is/are often severely neglected and dumped on others at every opportunity, but hardly ever taken into care sadly.
This parent has often been spoilt and lives in their own little bubble where everyone around them must conform to what they want. Is often completely hypocritical and does the same behaviours, covertly, that they complain about. Has some issue of always being in control to the point of being severely unreasonable, it is possible that they could have been severely abused and are vulnerable.

Childish bitch.
Has kids, cannot (or will not) bring them up herself.
Often has her mum doing everything for her and is lazy. Having help from a parent is fine, everyone needs help sometimes, but not even trying when you could try is pathetic. Especially if you are more interested in slagging off other parents because you are jealous of them being able to parent and being happy with their lives.
More interested in trying to get men to fancy you (saggy tits hanging out are not attractive btw, or idk maybe some men have an old titties fetish lol) but ew put them away please, they are gross when you dangle them in mens car windows like that...
Often her kids are little shits but she chooses to not notice this.
Nobody wants her kids, not even her relatives.
This parents issues are down to internalising everything to the point of they should always be the centre of attention. Often has kids for the attention that it brings to themselves. Cannot stand anyone else being percieved as better than them and they often try to destroy someones reputation if they feel validated to do so (which is often based on fantasy and their own insecurity). Is frequently paranoid because they are committing a lot of horrendous acts towards those they hate, they also do not want to be discovered as the true person they are behind the facade they put on for those who they want to love them. Rarely they are genuinely nice people who cannot control their own emotions because they are immature, and the paranoia again is down to being caught out but as the horrible person they wrongly perceive that they themselves are rather than the fact that they actually are a horrible person.

The stroppy dickhead(s).
Sometimes the male 'parent' cannot cope with their kids and just spends countless hours stropping around his home (possibly abusing his wife/children/pets).
Sometimes it is the female (in the case of my neighbour who abused her dog and then spent countless hours stropping round her house continuously and hitting it).
All these people are complete bastards who should not be allowed to participate in society. Disgusting excuses for human beings.
Kids often leave home ASAP so they don't have to put up with the abuse any more.
Kids are often disturbed and do not report the parents until they feel safe enough to do so, which can be decades after they left the home.
This parent just cannot control their emotions and has never been given the skills to do so. Highly dangerous unless willing to change and seeks help.

These adults feel justified in being hypocrites and pointing out hypocrites while ignoring their own hypocrisy. Have a severe inflated ego where they present themselves as nice, kind, honest, generous, confident, but they know deep down they are only these things in public for others to see and not how they really are. Often cannot cope with life and the stresses they bring upon themselves so have to direct and project that insecurity onto others to hide their own failings as a person. Usually not to be trusted at all but because they are able to mimic others who are actually nice they can be very convincing that they are reasonable and decent people, will show their true self when they feel they don't need you or you do something to upset them.

The adults here often have the opinion that they themselves are entitled to go onto your property if they wish to do so. This can include throwing cigarette ends into others, gardens, their own rubbish, their drug paraphernalia, even dog shit. They often have no limits to what others will tolerate and neither do they care. Have usually justified stealing and breaking the law a long time ago and theft is often a part of their daily lives, as is other nuisances and crimes, with some expectation that everyone else around them will look after them financially and will be responsible for their kids when they can't be bothered with them- which is too regular an occurrence for my liking. Not all people who class as the title of these categories will be like these people, i am just generalising about the worst neighbours i have ever had and releasing some stress over them rather than do anything physically back to them in retaliation.

But fuck all these people anyway...

:D Yep, fuck them and their right to enjoy their life at others expense. Main page.