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Links to other Chorley stuff

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So far as I can tell , all of these sites are free.

Mail me if you want your site on here, it must be either a site to do with Chorley or funny, even if I don't like a Chorley site I will link it anyway.

Real stuff going on in Chorley (not funny sites)

Actual REAL news from Chorley, if your interested go here
Proper official council/gov website
Nice looking site, not sure who made this, sorry
Wikipedia Chorley!
Not sure if this site is on about the chorley where I live, but have a looksy
History of Chorley
Do your bit for a Chorley charity, lovely people, go on over and see if you can give a helping hand!

Other funny Chorley sites

Chorley bastards and slags, hehe this is pretty funny.
Where people go to fight.

Other funny sites

Optical illusions
Funny pics, vids, jokes and other stuff
Funny videos and stuff here too
Nice looking funny site, videos etc
Funny ads
More funnies, obviously