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Must we conserve energy to stop us living in smog circa the 1800's or should we just throw everything in the bin?

that's what the people of Chorley just can't decide.

No-one really wants the hassle of recycling, but it must be done for the sake of our children, even if they are all little bastards who should be choked to death on greenhouse gas emissions for the future of all humankind and indeed the planet...anyway, what happens when the council forces you to recycle?

People moan....

Yes, it is a bit inconvenient having to go down to the council every fortnight for a new green bag coz your other one has blown away again, but it's for the environment, and you have to admit the town does look greener with recycling bags all over the place.


A sincere thankyou to the binmen! you all do a rubbish job and hardly get any appreciation. I hope you have a lovely Chritmas and can't believe people don't expect you to have a holiday just because they buy too much rubbish. Thankyou for emptying my bin and taking my recycling, I appreciate you!

UPDATE: Since the recycle centre shut down a while back, i have noticed the recycle bins do not get emptied or sometimes have plastic items removed from them, also the clothes recycle bin in town is overflowing and ripped open bags of clothes lie in the street along with cuddly toys, and council tax is going up because we don't recycle enough? spot the flaw in that logic, i didn't vote Conservative but i bet anyone who did is regretting it now. I voted Green. VERY LATE UPDATE: We got green recycle boxes that still blew away but not as often, now we have brown bins (that may blow over but don't blow away). Back to main page.

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