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So, you want social housing?

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Have you ever wondered what it's like when you can gain access to affordable housing? It's great, but unfortunately this housing is available to anyone who applies and then gets to the top of the list. We have had a new government for a while now and they have decided to change the criteria for new tenants in social housing, they have added a 'bedroom tax' to encourage social housing out of the stagnant state it was in, but this hasn't deterred the fraudulent benefit claimants who obviously are defrauding the system if they can afford their rent now. I obtained a copy of the top secret, new criteria, it's pretty strict on who will get housing now, no scum that's for sure. And sadly, all people born and bred in Chorley will not be able to gain access now, seeing as ugly, stupid and abusive are part of the criteria that is banned. It seems that your typical Chorley citizen is now subjected to ethnic cleansing for the good of mankind. NWO.

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Top secret Eugenics programme for the people of Chorley.

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