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The market

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Well, it's ok if you want cheap produce and freindly service, or is it? That's what the people of Chorley have to decide.

Some people want to get rid of it, some people want to keep it, well you cannot please everyone, it just isn't possible, we aren't sheep all wanting the same thing.

It's not a bad market, like all markets it is full of genuine bargains, decent products that are good value for money, but I don't use it myself.

In fact, I refuse to use the town centre at all, not because it's crap, and the shops are tiny, and quite often there is a funny burning smell (possibly dead burning bodies???)*SEE UPDATE SMELL IS SHIT* in the town centre, no, it's because the people of Chorley are ugly.

Sorry, someone has to say something...

I often have to hop on a train or bus to another town because I feel physically sick if I end up in the town centre.

Unfortunately, the results of interbreeding are horrendously obvious, and this must be the reason why incest was made illegal.

UPDATE. Also further bad news about the town centre, it smells of sewage. has done for a few years now.

Also i feel the shitty smell is something to do with interbreeding also. FU Chorley, your town and people smell of sewage. PS don't forget your hair needs to be washed at least twice a week!

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