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Chorley, is it really a nit infested, dog shit covered town or is it a smelly place filled with people with no manners?

Well actually it's probably like where you live, unless you are rich and can live wherever you like and don't have to put up with anyone else.

This site is really only poking fun at Chorley and most other places where people all live together and Imade it sound worse to get people interested, so if I didn't interest you with the first page, well done and have a laugh in my crazy world of distorted views, my favourite music and other stuff all with a Chorley theme.

Do not enter if you have no sense of humour.

Back to main page. You may find it offensive, ok?

I do actually have some creepy neighbours, the guy is some scruffy old dude and his missus is some woman who looks like a dude. anyway she had loads of kids and all of them look like they've had their faces squashed in a car door or something that crushes stuff. they're supposed to be rich but can't seem to afford plastic surgery! anyway you're now officialy warned about inbreeding.

update: hooray, moved away from one set of freaks to!

But after saying all that, i now have the money to move away from here. I'm so fu**ing delieriously happy! And yes, i'm well gone from the sewage infested town and miserable people. Thankyou, to the people, who were my inspiration, thankyou to the Chorley Citizen for printing peoples views that inspired me to even make this site in the first place, thankyou to my sister who let me borrow her PC, thankyou to my fella for editing for spelling mistakes and stuff, thankyou to youtube and its members who have let me use their videos, thankyou for people who have laughed about things and given me ideas by pointing out things I hadn't noticed myself. Thankyou to anyone who recognises themselves on here and doesn't cry...

Thanks for everything Chorley.

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