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Wasn't meant to be......

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Do you want a shopping arcade in the town centre? Well, that's what the people of Chorley never got to decide.

Yes, everyone got very excited about the prospect of a new shopping arcade to be built in the town centre.

It was to be built on the site of the old McDonalds, not a big space but if you piled the shops on top of each other and made the arcade 20 storeys high, then you could have had 20 good sized shops there.

Investors expressed an interest, but unfortunately after a visit to chorley they pulled out...why?

We can only guess at the answer to this; maybe it was the smell? maybe it was the mutants? or maybe Reg Holdswoth turned up to the meeting? We will never know, and the town of Chorley sank into a spiral of depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, dog shit, rubbish littered the streets, wars broke out and the town has never recovered from this news ever since....

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UPDATE. asda will be coming to town. most of town centre has shut down anyway, i welcome a decent shop to the town. ugh but stay away from their own brand sausages, they're evil!
ps FU chorley is my new catchphrase.
UPDATE2. Someone is building something on that site now, i never did use Asda yet either.
long overdue update! Ten years later....We got an asda. they did up market street a little as part of the bargain and it looks nice(r). the asda itself is ok, i like to go down there at 4am and pretend i'm in a zombie invasion and hide from any other people i see because they are xombies!! it livens up the shopping and makes it fun. there aren't hardly any people there anyway. AND we got a pizza hut, milkshake bar, and nail salon where the shopping arcade was supposed to be. whoot!!

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