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Sick of your shit.

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i remember all the stamping coming from your house for weeks after you moved in, i was sad that whoever had moved in next door and were so inconsiderate.
(kids trampling all over my garden, leaving rubbish in my garden, slamming doors)even dog shit months later, but eventually things had calmed down and i was glad.

then one day you came round scrounging for light bulbs that you said the workmen had left for funny that, because they never mentioned that to me, they only laughed and mentioned how it was a shame you 'weren't in' (they never knocked even) because they weren't happy giving any bulbs for you after you'd complained about them to their boss for swearing,hypocritical really after what i've heard coming from your house and family members, and you also wanted borrow my key for the medicine cabinet and recognised me, i didn't recognise you at first, you look really weird btw.

i was happy to have an old school friend move in next door to me and felt relieved that it wasn't some random weirdo always wrong i was, i'd not seen anything of you since you got pregnant at 15 so didn't know how much you had changed, i'm truly sorry that you have mental health problems but i don't see why we should have to put up with your shit.

you seemed really nice and still had the same voice that day, and though you were wrinkly now and had a stupid purple mohican, you hadn't really changed that much....or so i thought.

especially as you threatened me because your child had been playing in the sewage drain and you said it was your garden....duh thickwad it was my garden and your kid,
sort your own fucking kid don't intimidate me
scummy cow.

lol @ the actual complaint about a sandwich had been thrown in your garden, WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF, lol. seriously, anyone can put a sandwich in your garden (you probably did it yourself) and take 'proof'.

now the housing think:
1) you are a petty complainer, which in itself is a problem to them
2) you have no life and are stuck at home all day causing wear and tear to their house
3) you are a trouble maker and don't keep an eye on your kids....because...
4) they also laughed at you.

...i told them i was happy to sort out problems through the housing as i didn't really like you since you spoke to me like shit over your kid falling in the drains, then they asked me to report anyone i see playing in the drains as they know kids have caused £100s of pounds worth of damage to the drains. they think that was your kid, so do i, but it matters more that they think that.

i still don't like you.

sad really, sometimes i wonder what happened to you that turned you so weird and nasty, but most the time i just wish you would stfu.

UPDATE no.2. This started in 2012. ok, so i've now complained about the 5 days straight that you spent tantruming round your house, also about someone kicking your dog when it barks, not sure who is doing it as i haven't got x-ray vision.
and omg... and who the fuck spends 4 days tantruming then arguing from 3am to 5am, then another week tantruming? oh fucking bunch of weird knobheads. not even toddlers do that.
when the housing rang me to keep a log i actually decided to count how many times you were slamming doors as it was happening at the time we were speaking, and i cannot believe someone slammed 10 doors in less than a minute, there isn't even 10 doors in the whole fucking house, you really need to calm down with the drugs and the alcohol, stupid ass bitch.
anyway, that's the end of this page,and remember:
if you're gonna piss ppl off by grassing them up over petty things then you really should act like a perfect citizen yourself,

UPDATE 3: turns out all this tantruming was actually dog abuse. feel sorry for the beautiful black labrador you have had for year and never taken for a walk, what did it deserve to be hit in the face with a stick until it bled? it only crapped in your house because you are too stupid to house train it, no need to physically hurt it. sick bitch. and why are you shoving the stick (that you use to beat your dog) down the dogs throat? yeah, you've been seen doing that as well. and stop smashing it's face into the fence and walls of your home, putting your hands around it's muzzle and smashing it's head into things is wrong. sick. i thoroughly enjoyed reporting to you to the RSPCA and won't hesitate to do it again. hope your abused dog bites your face off some time soon.

pretty sure from the amount of tantruming that has been going on the past few weeks that you are abusing something else now, or have you still got that dog and abusing that? UPDATE 4: yep, they have got another dog... :/

“It was like I had been kicked in the stomach. I was absolutely horrified. Almost as horrified as those who witnessed me abusing my black labrodor by wrapping my hands around my dogs muzzle then smashing it's face into walls, doors, and fences on multiple occasions. I also shoved a stick down it's throat because i have Münchausen syndrome by proxy."

Interesting comments...

Horrible people. Whinging fat blob..

Stop the abusers.

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MSBP harmed dog, blamed it on neighbour, then tried to kill own child.


Make an equiry.