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Sick of your shit.

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The RSPCA are shit and do nothing. If you ever see an abused animal just steal it. Good luck.

Interesting comments...

Horrible people. Whinging fat blob..

One problem with being diagnosed with a mental illness is the patient sometimes uses it to justify their behaviour.

Stop the abusers.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
Narcissistic rage.
Paranoid Delusion.
RSPB, nice ideas on this site.
.RSPCA prosecution, not enough of this is done, imo.
RSPCA, place to report animal abuse.
Info on reporting cruelty.
UK law surrounding animal abuse.
Münchausen syndrome by proxy.
Münchausen syndrome by proxy in pet owners.
MSBP harmed dog, blamed it on neighbour, then tried to kill own child.


Make an equiry.