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even more famous chorley people

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someone from libertyX, apparently one of them was from Chorley, I saw their album in the poundshop in Wigan, I didn't buy it and they had loads of them, so if you're a fan get looking in the poundshop accross from Ethel Austin in wigan, (it's near McDonalds).

Starsailor, the whole band are from Chorley, where are they now though? Not in Chorley that's for sure.

Bill Beaumont, I did see him in the town center, he walked right past the shop I was working in (and I nearly dropped the cakes I were putting in the window) on the floor in surprise!

yes even more famous people from Chorley..

Mr and Mrs Potato Hart. A couple of fat, animal abusing, moronic, pieces of crap.

Munchausen's syndrome is a psychological disorder where someone pretends to be ill or deliberately produces symptoms of illness in themselves, Munchausens's-by-proxy is when they feign illness in others around them (like pretending their mum is dying) for attention, this includes pets as well as family members, and can even include actually harming them rather than faking they are ill/dying. Horrific animal abusing crackheads.