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My opinion on Speed cameras.

HA FUCKING HA to every single person who has got caught breaking the law and endangering other peoples lives in doing so. Stop moaning about the fines and drive safely instead WANKERS.

My opinion on drink drivers.

Why are there so many of you?

Stop it! It's SELFISH, that's why it's illegal, you are self obsessed, stupid ugly pieces of shit and I HATE YOU!!!!

Anyway, you look crap, trying to park your car, driving backwards and forwards, slowly, over and over again like some sort of weirdo. I HOPE YOU DIE.

And you are weird, What? Some of you can't even stay sober long enough to drive your kids home from school, WTF ARE YOU THINKING? That is so sad, and definitely not normal behaviour. I HOPE YOU DIE.

And stop driving on the pavement, I WANT TO KILL YOU.

Why have pubs got carparks anyway???

Funny but true.

A drink driver got stopped by the police, so he gave a false name, unfortunately for the stupid pisshead the name he gave was of a 'friend' who was banned from driving anyway, and he was arrested on the spot. Ha ha ha.

But seriously, I HOPE HE DIES.

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FU pisshead drivers. and FU chorley.

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